Hey You Let’s Kiss

Band : Cloroform

tracklist :

01 Blood! On My Wheels
02 Bored Of You
03 Special Needs
04 Hey You Let’s Kiss
05 No Good
06 Hostile Takeover
07 Coming Over
08 Chuck Choke
09 Angelsuck
10 Self-Destruct
11 This Is A Hit
12 I Can’t Touch Myself
13 Fuck You Ups
14 No Love

“Hey you let’s kiss” (Kaaa Records) is Cloroform’s fifth album since the release of their debut, “Deconstruction” in 1998. Since then, the now classic “All Scars” (1999), Do the Crawl (2000) and the 2001 remix-album “Scrawl” have all garnered strong reviews and spawned hectic touring.