30 Apr 2015 Trondheim Blæst Blæst
01 Aug 2015 TBA TBA TBA
02 Aug 2015 TBA TBA TBA


We have started to work on our new album  (2015-01-24)  

Prepared piano, doublebass and drums are the basics. Still the instrumental array may shift from song to song, including many homemade devices suggestive of the avant-garde. But we are thoroughgoing populists, warmly regarding our beautiful audiences and embracing our role as entertainers. We love music. We hate music: Music against Music.



NEW SITE, NEW NEWS!!  (2014-12-05)  

Welcome to our new site! Yes, it has been a long time coming. We apologize that there’s still some sections still under development, but we really wanted to give you something special as soon as we could. We’ve been working hard night and day gearing up for the many things we have in store for you. And it seems like everything just might come together. That’s about it for now. We hope to see you soon!!

your pals, The Cloroform



Børge Fjordheim- Drums & vocals
Øyvind Storesund – Double bass & vocals
John Erik Kaada – Clavinets & vocals


By tearing elements from every corner of the greatest music in the world, Cloroform has created a pretty special universe for themselves. An apocalyptic concoction of furious drums, damaging but sensitive bass lines, atom-splitting clavinet riffs and vocals that range from visceral growls to decibel-decimating screeches.

It’s unpredictable, split-second changes, blasts of two second-long drum-explotions, and lupine screams onto spazzed-out keyboards that sounds totally inhumane. The band is an intersection where deathmetal and barbiedolls…. run stop signs at 100 mph and explode into one and other! 

Børge Fjordheim explains: “It’s unscripted, un-everything, It’s a walk into our perversed, hilarious, ridiculous, fire breathing, retarded, playfull and mindless lives. It’s a very candid, sincere perception of us”

Ask yourselves this : Could Cloroform really be the best band in the world?